About The Biobank

The CSS Biobank is led by researchers from King’s College London.

The aim of the COVID Symptom Study (CSS) Biobank is to understand the impact and effects of COVID-19 and how these may be linked with health conditions and other genetic and environmental factors.

We want to collect clinical and questionnaire data, and samples such as blood, to understand how the body responds to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and how the COVID-19 affects the body in the long-term.

We also want to link to your official health, education and environmental records in order to have the best possible data for our COVID-19 research.

More information about the CSS Biobank and how it works is available in our Volunteer Information Sheet. This is available to view and download here.

Participants need to read the Volunteer Information Sheet and complete the online Consent Form in order to take part in the CSS Biobank.